Monday, May 9, 2011

A bit of salt, a bit of butter, a bit of sugar.

First, let me tell you that I'm in my final rush right now. Starting from today, I will have 3 more weeks to go and I will be done with school!!! So I will post this really fast and back to my work *Cross fingers*

1. Salt.

Found these gorgeous floral pattern this morning.

I love to have multi-media on my work so I have a thought what if I use different cloths like these and sew/iron them on my canvas picture? It would be so nice. Uhm nom nom nom...

Her WEBSITE here if you want to take a look.

2. Butter.

Just get straight, I'm not really into Soccer, or even sport lol Or even more, I pretty hate it lol But heyy, since I'm my dad's first child and my sister was still too young to understand soccer game, I actually was the one who always watched the World Cup with him. In fact, I was the only one in the house could be able to watch till the end lol Because my dad always got tired of the different time zone, yup, he always snored before me lol

Anyway, so just by saying that, I mean when I like some soccer players, I pretty much like them just because of their personalities. Like David Beckham (Plus his fashion style and seriously, he is the only one with full tattoo on 2 arms and I still think he's gorgeous!), Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, John Terry, and some others lol 

So anyway, for today, it's David Luiz.

He's new and I just know him this evening but he's way too hilarious to not be in love with him!!!

He has to done this several times before!!! So pro! lolz

I LOL so hard at this. Evil David. And Di Maria is such a nice guy. I mean, if it was someone else, these people would be punch on the face immediately already! 

The woman: How do you go to solve my life?
Di Maria: Just go home and stay calm.
The woman: Can you see how my leg is?
Di: I'm not interested.
The woman: I cannot stand. I have to sit!
Di: Then go to your house, you said you lived near here.


Police B: He is a sporting CP fan.
Di: Huhh???
Police B: He is a sporting CP fan.
Di: So that's why.

Bahahaha I cannot stop this!!!!

3. Sugar. 

And finally, something sweet for us ❤

I know!!! Russia all the way babe! But here for god sake, the translation!
The girl: The car is very nice!
The boy: Thank you!
The girl: It's Ferrari car, isn't it?
The boy: No, it's Bentley.
The girl: I have never heard of that name [Pause] I'm Masha.

This actually is a MV for his band, Звери, you should check other clips too if you have time. They are pretty cute but I believe this is their best.


Also, my sugar day:
After my drawing class, when I was walking down the street, an old lady ran to me and gave me her flower crown. She said: It looks cute on you! I, while was still laughing so hard, could only say Thank you! Thank you so much! You make my day!

Later, my college's police stopped his car by me, pointed at my crown, and made a thumb-up, then a girl stared at me like I was a jerk and both of them made me laugh again.

When I got on my bus, I saw my friend and he was like Tina tell me, what is going on???

lol I know, these days were really hard for him cause I used to be a girl who wore black boots of Dr. Martens all the time and just all of sudden I wore scandal, bought 2 pairs of super high heels, and now, pink nail polish andddd pink flower crownnn??? LOL

Guess I can't wait to be a San Fran lady then lol

Why are all of my pictures always come to be like this at the end???

Okay, I'm off for now. HAVE TO finish my work tonight!!!!! 
Aiya aiya fighting!!!! ◟(●≻∆≺●)◞

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  1. Love hello kitty! You've got great nails, too. xo

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