Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first art show ever.

I have to write this down since it's one of the most important day of my life, my very first day attending to an art show. I have to say though, I'm not so sure yet that my picture will get into the show or not, but this is something very exciting to remember.

I have a lovely habit that I just start to draw at 11pm on my very last day of the deadline. It's always really bad but yesterday was especially the worst lol Because I did not only draw. I used multi-media! (Sounds cool right? My instructor told me. I didn't know it before! So newbie lol) So it actually took me 5 hours to finish everything. It was exhausting!

After that I gave myself a right to skip all of the classes on the next day lol It was somewhat the reward for myself lol

I slept at 4am and woke up at 7am to take the bus to school. Since I had one 20x30 picture and one 18x24 picture so I had to ask for help from a lot of my friends! lol It was so much fun. I either grasped someone I saw on the street or my friends came and gave me a hand lol I know, my friends are really nice and I'm proud to say that :]

When I got to the gallery, I had to spray my drawing and made the wire for my artworks myself. This was the best part! lol Not only me or my friends, Kumiko, Hugo, and Lena, were procrastinated but my classmates and their classmates also in a hurry. Wiring our own pictures was unexpected. I had to run downstair and upstair, to other classes to find the wire while we had less than 1 hour to do those things.

The wire was done. Now what I had to do was drilling holes in my frames. I cried out loud: I had never ever done that before!!! My parents always told me that it was the hard part and that I didn't have strength to do it. Even my friend told it to me last year. So when I saw the hand drilling machine, I felt like I was looking at my childhood enemy.

I said, Fuck it! Let's roll!

I had to say, I was so scared and way too nervous at first. What could happen if I broke the frame??? Hugo had to calm me down. When I started to drill by making a pose, Hugo uttered, Now you scare me!

However, I did it, peeps! I did it too well that when I had only 15 mins left, Hugo came to me, looked at the frames and cried: Tina, you drilled the wrong side of the frame!!!

But finally, thank Whoever, I finished it on time. Hugo was in the second run. He stood on the line with only one photography. I asked him where the other one was, and decided to waited in the line for him. Hugo said Thanks Tina and ran as fast as he could (He was 1m83 people!)

When I went up downstair to see how my friends were doing, Kumiko ran downstair to submit her works. I hold one for her and we both ran. Then Hugo and finally Lena got in the line. When we were there, the woman started to clean her table!!!

Kumiko begged her but then she realized that she had no cash to pay the fee, so I was like almost screaming, I have 10 bucks!!! and threw my money from my pocket on the table. I had never had that much cash in my pocket before.

We all laughed so hard at that. Even the woman and her friend who was standing next to her. She looked at me in the eyes and said, Baby, for that, we're gonna get you through.

Hugo also gave Lena few cents to get through this stage. It was quite sweet to me though. Art students help art students. What can be better?

I still don't know if my artworks get to the gallery or not. But gee, I had so much fun I couldn't deny! I have a high hope that my next semester in San Francisco will be just like this (minus staying-up-late part) Doing fun stuffs with great friends *Fingers crossed*

So then I gave myself a good lunch, went to Barnes & Noble, and finally Starbucks with my bff. What can I ask for more?

Sweet day everybody!

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