Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spark of a firework.

Every time we watch Katy Perry's Firework, what we see is Katy Perry and a bunch of kids dancing around (plus firework) but these random people here ain't random. Even though their appearances are just typical, these people have stories that could inspire and strengthen us. Each of them has the spark. 

I think, because they are us.

When it happened, I wondered why I couldn't cry. I was hurt but I couldn't burst a tear. My friends told me that I should let it all out, but I just couldn't. But then today, I cried while watching this video. I realize though, there is something else worth crying for.


  1. Hey Na, don't know why but I can't log in to Skype anymore (_ __') It always crashes after few seconds. What to do?

  2. I don't know. Have you install its new ver.?

  3. Yup, already installed its new ver but it continued crashing =.=''
    Maybe my laptop has sth wrong...
    Why does blogspot not have sending message option hmm? Have to find sth to use to keep in touch with ya...

  4. I know right -,- How weird! My parents and cousin still can use it so fine. And I don't think it's a lap's problem. Urgg I don't know babe -,-

    lol FB message? Or you can just make the time and I will get on Y!M to chat with you <3

  5. When you come back Vietnam, must let me know, ok? We will have lots of place to go xD

  6. Yup yup. Mark it on your calendar: I will be back from July 8th - Aug 25th :D :D :D Will see you there for sure <3