Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tattoo Inspiration.

Something unique, beautiful, meaningful. 
Something reflects fully the personality of the owner. 
Something that is meant to be only to the owner. 

My tattoo inspiration is based on this personal opinion but some of them I post just because I think they are pieces of artwork. Hopefully, you can get inspired from the images, meanings, fonts, and/ or the position of the tattoos.

3. Images: 

the key

9th session

I was literally stunned when I saw the tattoo. The colors are gorgeous.


Cute couple tattoos. In fact they can go alone quite well, in case they break up - Just try to be realistic here.

2. Symbols.


Screen capped from Beauty Crush.

I'm talking about the position here only just so you know. I think she's just right on the perfect spot, not too high, not too low.

And here I'd be so happy to introduce you one of my inspirational sources, KhangNT and his wonderful tattoos.

The Nameless Day


I actually have seen a girl with this tattoo before but the tattoo at this size and this position is perfect to me. Lovely lovely idea.

1. Letterings.
My favorite kind of tattoos on Earth.

I love the kind like these 2 tattoos below to run along my body.

living is easy with eyes closed


Or like the little line here. I love how perfectly straight it lies up on Gala Gonzalez 's arm.

 Screen cap from Fashion Rocks My Socks.

Yes the line up! And the font is hearted!!!

One of my favorite spot to get a tattoo beside the back of the neck, or along the inside of an arm:

my love

Nice font.

angie's new tattoo...
Her grandchild's handwriting at the end of letters she wrote to her. How cute!

Classical Greek lettering.

Simple, positive, and fun.


Check the 2 Youtubers out if you want to hear their experiences on getting tattoos. Both of them have more than one tattoo displaying here fyi.

And that's it for now.
With love.


  1. I LOVE that giant colorful whale tattoo! =)

  2. Yes!!! I was in an aw when I first saw it!