Monday, April 9, 2012

Look around and find those butterflies.

Sometimes I wonder why I couldn't shallow cute romantic comedy movie like Leap Year. My friends have been praised it for days so I got all curious but then gave up after the last half of the movie. The ending was actually hilarious when just all of the sudden the nice high-educated boyfriend, who appeared to love her so much, just frankly said that he got married to her because he wanted to live in the apartment. And audience actually believe in that logic?? Wow!

Luckily enough, I decided to watch Kokuhaku (Confessions) at 3 in the morning. And that is how this post starts.

{Part one of thought}

The movie is simply beautiful and hunting. The story is heavy and horrified, but here and there, there will be some happy innocent scents with 13 year old kids jump in the rain, sing a catchy song, or dance in the class.

But the heavy disgusted feeling is there and has never been gone.

Someone doesn't know what is really going on.

The other just simply doesn't care.

Everyone is selfish.

The teacher, in order to revenge for her child, feeds up 35 kids to bully her 2 targets.
The 13 year old girl who tries to protect her boyfriend but poisoned her whole family in the past.
The 13 year old boy, named A, in order to impress his mother, intends to kill the whole school.
The 13 year old boy, named B, in order to impress and be friend with A, kills an innocent kid.
The mother of B, because of overprotecting her son, denies the loss of his victim.

Everyone is selfish.

{Part two of thought}

Continue with the first thought, I think Kohaku has to be the best movie about bullying.

People are selfish. Everyone is.

But there is hope.
Trust it.

{Part three of thought}

(Jump to 3:35 if you ask why the hell I post a video about tattoos of an [seem to be] emo girl.)

Bullies are those who get bullied.

It's ironic when a video about bully is posted on Youtube, all of the sudden, the bullies get bullied by a massive cyber bully. Teenagers probably don't know that bully is not only violent action or verbal abuse, it also is words and incredibly unexpected probably: thoughts.

Watch your thoughts for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

I'd like to simply put it like this:
You think negative, you say negative.
You say negative, you react negative.
You act negative, you become negative.

So think positive. If you can't, practice! Simple as that!
(Oh and stay simple too!)

{Part four of thought}

At the end of each day, watches these:

And be happy.

For now,
Good night <3

Pictures are screen capped by me.

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