Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday 13th the Journey.

|For some reasons, this was my journey 's song. Outside was so cold and it was the only song I could yell|

For someone may don't know, I just have been in California for 3 months ( Already 3 months???) so everything is pretty new to me. Especially to the direction - blind me (Funny, hah?! - Not really~). But I always wish I could start a journey go to nowhere. I wish I could take my bike, my bag, my camera and start going to somewhere with no clue in mind. But it is hard to do if you are a girl, I think, so for awhile, that idea was just an idea...

...till today, when I wanted to go. Just go. I took everything I wanted on my bag and also, my pockets: Cameras, snack (By the way, they are sweet potato - yam candies that I would love to show you some day :) ), money, stuffs and yes... gloves (Hey, it s already ~40*F here! And that is cold!) and started to run away.

My idea was finding a way to go to downtown, since I just have biked there with my host family once and other times we just took a car, I was kinda go by my feeling. The coolest thing was that I could stop everywhere I want and the way to downtown has so many vintage houses. I love love love them so much! I love how old the wooden house with stairs and trees and colorful leaves were. Beautiful! Elegant! Peaceful!

Then I got to downtown and was so freaking proud of my memory (For this time only, I seriously don't have memory!).
But now the trouble is downtown just has one way and thank God that I didn't meet any cops lolz. I went 2 times for each of my 2 favorite ice - cream places and post office. Why? Well, I was lost - a - lots though hah hah

The final place I have got in was Starbucks. Is there anything else beside Starbucks? :) And what was the day today? Friday, 13th???
What happened with Starbucks? It was the best one I have ever had since I have been in my town!!! My favorite type is just Caramel Frappuchino but for 4 times before they were really not good. They were all bitter although I asked for more Caramel but still.
Anyway, today, it was just perfect!

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