Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Because "It 's a Wonderful life."

I walked around my friends' list facebook this night (I mean, last night) and found this movie. This is the must - see movie!!!

This movie shows much more than a validation to me.

The part of 06:50 - 07:38 really gave me a thought. Isn't it the way most of people do? Look at those people! He appreciated their work. He made them smile. And look what they did to him when he need an encouragement or a caring. They walked away! They punished him!

Especially for that ridiculous treatment is Hugh Newman 's two first man and woman customers. You can see how they came back at least 2 times to his office and at least once to Victoria 's office. What made them need an appreciation so much like that? Because there is no one accept them as Hugh did. Because they didn't do anything to make people accept them! The only thing they have done is looking for someone accepting them.

They didn't care about what had happened to Hugh. They just cared about why he didn't validate them (as much as they wanted) anymore.

They are not bad. They are just selfish.

However, you must know that at least there will be one person appreciate what you have done and realized how great you are!

Although I am not too much serious in what he did (Raise about someone you haven't met about something you haven't seen? You have no proof to say sure for sure like that!), this movie really blew me away. I have watched it for several times, again and again.

Who doesn't want to believe in miracle anyway?

- What do you love most about your wife?
- Uhm... She accepted me...



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