Friday, January 8, 2010

I 'm so full!

1. Guess where I went today?
So, here is the story: My best friend here is also a Vietnamese. She has been here for 3 years and already has a finance. Although I has been heard so many stories and saw so many pictures about him but today was the first day I met him.
Did you remember how you feel when you met the idol you just saw on the posters? Yeah, it was just like that. So it was like, I already met him, but also felt kinda strange (Just at first though :D )
Then they took me to a restaurant. And yeah, guess what? KWANDO again hah hah
Well, so my dream did come true! The food was so good as the first time. I ate a lot hah hah, like 4 dishes with full of food :P
I ate all of the food I missed last time. Really good though!
I have tried the lobster, which was new. It wasss. sooo. goood <333>
It was like the lobster, but has cheese on <333>
Goshh, I have no idea to say how good it was! They just brought 3, 4 halfs of the lobsters for once time.
Here are some food that I had, too:
The chicken was really good, better than you saw on the pictures though :P It was soft and not too dry (as I had thought) and tasty.
I was kinda glad that my mom wasn't there cause if so, I wouldn't have a chance to eat that kind of sauce :P Anyway, I like it though. Really good with other fried food :)

The dumbling was looking good but not tasty as I had though. Just not my favorite, I think.
Besides, I had some other food, too. Some old, some doesn't look really good so, well, I just showed few of them (:
For the raw Oysters, my friend showed me another way to eat them. This way was so yumm!!! You put the lemon, salt, black pepper (as usual) and Tacoba (not usual at all) It brings you a new tasty taste. Sooo good! I love it!
After that, her finance brought us to his appartment. It was really nice and organized :P We talked a lot about their love story (:
Then right before I came home, they let me try his evil hot sauce he bought from Texas. It was dark, and smaller than what I had expected. And yeah, it was helly evil!!! He acted like it was some kind of poison that he had to wear gloves on, do every really slow and careful, also he said "Don't sit too close to it!" Hah hah it was hilarious!!!
Because he didn't have the toothpick (That he always gave to his friends), I had to use the stick for grilled food. It was a little bit bigger. Then he slowly put the stick on and slowly gave it to me while saying "Just a little! Just a little!"
At first I was like, "Hump, it 's not spicy at all!" Then SPANGGG!!! The spicy came out like hell!!! It was like dynamic that [as he said] can make you vomit!!!
After that, they were like Are you ok? [x1000] Do you want some sugar? Do you want some mik? Do you want to sit down?...
Oh gosh, it was so funny! I was like Hah... hah... I am ok! Hah... hah... It was so spicy!... It was like burning in your throat and doesn't go away...
But anyway, I was good. He told me that his friends were like cry and stuffs.
- You just need one drop!
- Really? One drop?! I will take 2 drops!
- Uhmm... Ok?! Well, just one drop first though!
After that...
His dude had to put his tongue under the tub and cried and grimaced and yelled:
- Oh gosh, it was spicy like hell! How long does it last?
- Uhmm... you know... One hour... (Hah hah hah)
- Oh goshhh, noooo!!!
Oh men, it was hilarious!!! We couldn't stop laughing at his stories hah hah
2. I started to draw her again yesterday.
Took me about 3 hours to draw. From 1 am to 4:30 am then I slept at 5:00 am :P Yeah, I am that kind of person.
|Inspired by Henna Trail. Her artworks were amazing!!! Check them out!|
I actually wanted to draw her in other way, which means, yeah, I was failed :( I didn't have that feeling to draw this but the feeling and idea was always stuck on my head, so I just want to finish them all. I still love this actually.
And yeah, I haven't been in any of the art class so as you can say (Hope you won't say :P) I didn't draw exactly of the proportion of her body :P
I will study Drawing this semester though!!! I hope I could be better!!!
3. Youtube:
I just found out so many good songs!!! Love them all. I feel so blessed. I love music. Really do.
So ok, here is the first one (: Hope you like it as much as I did.

I love Regina Spektor. Her music taste is great, and her voice is soft and sweet like candy, but also emotional <333 4.

ahhh you blog is so nice em! :)
Awww thank youuu <33

Oaw, my first comment!!! Thank you for whoever you are (:
Have a good day, girl (:
And yeah, keep doing this guysss!!!


  1. hey there, woahhhh cheese on lobsters!That looked amazing. I have never tried cheese on lobsters it must be the best. It seems like u had a great day!! You even got to eat oysters and boy all those food just looked soo amazing. Every dish infact. And LOLLLLL the chilli sauce part was hilarious..hahahaha. IT MUSt have beeen verrryyy hottt! LOL this was a great post! =D

  2. Yeahhh!!! I have eaten like cheese on oyster and cheese on crab but that was the first time I had cheese on lobster (in a buffet restaurant?!!!)

    Yeah it was! I love spicy food and can eat spicy food really well but that spicy is killing!!! Hah hah

    Thank youuu <3