Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Name your baby!!!

1. Name your baby girl!!!

So I am about to have my first baby and I am looking for her name. Yeah, a girl name. Finding names for your baby is a soooo coool x10000 thing to do! I have been doing it till 3am this morning and yeah, I found some good names and cool website for you!

So, this website is really great. You can give your name and find the meaning and the origin. Also you can put the meaning and find the name for it. Really easy to understand.

Or you can go to this website. They have tons and tons of UNIQUE and CUTE name!!!

And besides, so many websites on Google that you can find out your favorite names. I also recommend you to look for the names on Yahoo!Answer. I think because they have the personal answers, so it 's much better.

And yeah, I found out some really cool names:
Nayeli: I love you.
Mina: Flower, Love in Arabic/Muslim.
Bella: Beauty in French.

Japanese names:
Gina: Silvery.
Amaya: Night Rain (Also can be nicknamed May. And May is the same with Mai, which can be seen as a Vietnamese name)
Ren: Waterlily

By the way, if you have read the manga named Nana

you may know that she

has a tattoo of Lotus on her left arm, which means Ren.

I love the tattoo! If I could get one, definitely that tatoo. Cause I love Lotus since I was really young.

Rini Little Bunny - But you could pronounce it Rene. And it was actually kinda funny that my friend has a brother, and yeah, his name is Rene. I still don't tell them though. I don't know what they would call (mostly, joke) him after that lol

Suki Beloved.
Tori Bird.

And here is some of my favorite girl 's names:
Vivienne ( Yeah, in Vivienne Westwood. I love love love her ring, as seen in Nana. Also, I admire her taste. Amazing young woman! - can be nicknamed as Vi - one of the common name in Vietnam )
Van ( In Vietnamese is Vân)

I am still looking though. I still have today to do this.

Besides, you can look for this book. Amazing book, indeed.
As I always said, I am Vietnamese, and it rarely and hardly has Vietnamese names here but it does. For me and my friends, too! In this book, you can know what your name means. 100% true. It amazed me a lot. I remember I brought it last year, be amazed by it because I have both my Vietnamese name and English name (Also be made by my mom) in this book and they were so true. Then I gave it to my friends and my host family in Texas, they loved it! We were like sit together and said Uh hum, uh hum, Oh yeah! True!
It was fun though (:
And it was worth!

It uses the letter to tell the meaning of the name and although I don't know how can he got it, it was totally true!

I definitely will use it to name my child (:

2. The one.

So I, and you, watched the American Idol last night. It was really interesting!

I won't talk about their talent cause I'm not good at judging people's style. Not my job :P So just say about my favorite.

I love Mandy, the 16 years old girl. She has a good personality. I love what she said They see the color different than us. And we should see as they see.

Yeah, sometimes I wants to use others' eyes to see what they see. And I would be happy if somebody thinks that about me (:

Joshua was a cute guy though. Not his appearance but what he did was cute (:

Victoria Beckham actually is not bad in judging. I can realize she tried to find other good points to appreciate and that 's good. It just seems like she wanted to be in Kara 's side lol

And I love her British accent. So beautiful. I love Victoria Beckham actually. She has a good taste in fashion. Being a judge in American Idol is not her job but still, not too bad. At least, she could find a fight to Simon on the second day in Boston hah hah

Kara. With Andrew Fenlon. Woohoo! A fight! Actually her words were really touched to me. She was mad at him because of his attitude and because she had thought for other people outside.
I still remember what she said About you. who I don't like. at. all!

Just she said too much. and be mad too much. Those words were already enough. You are a judge and you need to be fair.

By the way, do they have to always ask Simon every time after their judging? Like Simon, what do you think?

Simon. I like him though. I really appreciate his words. He has a structured proof to show that. And he was right, mostly.
Seems like when he didn't have Paula, here we go, Kara!

3. Youtube:

Actually I still love the Gotta Have You song and listen to it all day. But in case you 're not and 'd like to relax while looking for your baby 's name. Here is what I did.

Just relax,
and have fun (:

By the way, yeah, my baby girl is not really a girl, but she is still my baby. I can't wait to see her!!!

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