Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm coming back!!! =D

So this week made me go crazyyy. First of all, it 's because: I got in a SCAM!!!

I pretty much think should I change my blog to be a warning blog or not because I just got myself in [another] scam hah hah (Yes, I finally can laugh because it 's done now!)

So here is the story, I am selling my stuffs on Craigslist. And there was a man, who named Kelly Smith wanting to buy it. He said he was a soccer coach in San Diego, he would go to London for 2 days because of his job so he wanted to buy my camera for his son in Africa. So yeah, that 's fine to me (If I don't want to say, I don't care). He said he would buy my camera for $400 with $100 of shipping fee while I just asked for $350. But then he asked me to give him my full name, address, and my telephone number so that he could send me the money through Paypal.
I was aware.
I told him that he just needed my email address to send money through Paypal so in the morning of next day, I received an email from him saying that he sent me the money through Paypal and Paypal verified it. The most annoying thing was that he told me to send the item right at that time while I had told him that the earliest time I could do was Saturday.

But it would not be that much bad if I didn't receive the email through Paypal saying that I got $500 from the customer named Kelly Smith, as shown above:

I was aware because there was no information about the customer so I went to my Paypal account and yes, there was no information about that transaction!

For making everything clear and sure, I called to the Paypal customer service (Yesss, while I was in school, dealing with tons of school works and crazy schedule!!! Grrr...). He asked me about what that Paypal 's address is. I told him and he said "No, it 's not from us."

So he asked me to send that email to him as then he would send me feedback later.

I was waiting at that night.

At about 11 o' clock that night, there was an email from that customer again. Right after that was the email from that Paypal! Woohoo!!! Paypal works 24/7!!!

So as you could see, he was soooo really ridiculous!!! He transformed a nice and polite guy to be that kind of stupidity!!!

 And now is the letter from his Paypal (as we can say).

It was even more ridiculous that Paypal knows everything about our transaction: From Craigslist???

And yeah, the other stuffs was also sooo stupid. So many errors. And what he tried to scare me was so ridiculous!!! I actually laughed at his "Get my item shipped via the USPS Express mail International, ok [...]" and the whole email from his Paypal.
As Paypal told me not to do anything, I [sadly] did as what they said.

But still, I called back to Paypal to ask them about the feedback and that I wanted to stop this stupid joke (In positive way~). I sent them these emails again with more clarified information. Gladly, they sent me the feedbacks after that.

So finally, it 's done! 

That guy didn't send me the email anymore (As I think it might be because he knew I had known it, not because Paypal stopped him), which made me sad because I have so many things to talk to him. Most of all is about the annoying emails which asked me to do this and that.

To make you verify the real and fake one, here is the real one:

So as you can see, the email addresses are different. And I just realized, the funny thing is that Paypal never says Dear!
Yes, as you looked back and saw Paypal always says Hello (Some way of unique??? hah hah) They said hello in the emails from, too! How cute, hah hah

And Paypal always shows their address below. And it is really long!

By the way,
Dear Paypal,
Paypal never write so many errors! So try to get in school again (if you did).

Besides, I have so many other things to say about today but yeah, this post is already long.

So have a good weekend, guysss. I hope this post is useful to yall (:


  1. Hey there, Tran! All the way from Australia :) Looks like I'll be following you from today. Just read your PayPal troubles, a smart girl you are. I'll keep a lookout next time if I'm selling anything. *GRR.. scammers!*

  2. So the hello from the US =D
    Thank you for your kind words. It made my day!

    Your blog is really cool! I'm gonna following you, too =D

  3. scams are so much work for me to handle, thats y i stopped >>"
    but i'm glad that you didn't get scammed :)

    (new follower)

  4. Thank you (:
    I'm starting following you, too :D