Thursday, February 11, 2010

Awesome today! :)

 That guy always freaks us out lolz

So here we go the story!

1. What could happen in the group of four and 3 out of them are boys?

So I have a lab group of four for my Chemistry (I HATE CHEMISTRYYY!!!) with 3 tall, funny and nice boys. I 'm actually happy to work with them.

Except for...

One of the boys (Even though I call them boys, they are actually older than me, I think :P ) in front of me, tried to make the hand pen tricks today. Everything was fine till he took out the RULER, which is used to MEASURE, to make some hand pen RULER tricks!!! The thing is the ruler is bigger and longger than the normal ones! At first he made some turn around his hand, which was in some freakin way we don't know how, it looked like it was flying OUT OF his hand!!! Then he put the pen in the middle of the ruler, you know, like to make it turn around and around like a fan. The only thing I could say was So what happen if it like flying out Shhh Pufff Shhh? (Really, I actually made the sound with my hand flying lol) Till it actually flied, THEN he said Ok, we should stop now! (Amen!)

But hey, we still have another boy in the group! He took out that ruler again and did the same flying thing! Well, he said Hey, it 's fun! and laughed. Shut up! I'm standing next to you!, I said and we all laughed.

The other guy? Thank God, he was doing the work at that time hah hah

But my group is awesome though!!! The first guy 's major is law and he 's planning transferring to Berkeley (You go boy!!!) and the other two want to work in Biology (The only thing they said about their major is, I wonder why they (who are us) don't think so, Chemistry is cool, man! - Yes, they both said the same thing! and we was just like, Uhm no, I don't~ )

2. Start a trip, touch the world (part. 2):

So after I finnished EARLY (Yayyy!) my Chemistry class, I took my bike and started my discovery. If you don't know, I actually have been in Chico, CA for 5 months but I 'm so bad at direction. SOOO BADDD!!! So everything was new, and still is new to me. I'm always like, freak out because of the freeway when I'm between hundreds of cars (Ok, it 's not that much but still, a lot!) and worried of being lost.

But yes, after asking and being lost, I finally found the post office! Don't you think it ALWAYS feel so cool when you bike in the totally strange roads (with some dangerous neighborhood signs also) then turn out the familiar road you have seen in Google? (:
I was like, Yay! I did it!!!

I went to post office, took my package.

 I had to do that because I didn't know to bring a bag and I went by bike~

Went to Panda Express, which amazingly sucks =( I wonder why though, it was not that bad in Texas =(

  Is there anybody understand what it means?

Then I went to bus station to go to the mall. To a direction sucker (ME!!!) those were a lot!

When I was on my way to go to the bus station, I saw a group of pretty runner girls stopping because of the red light. I asked one of them about the direction but then they all answered me hah hah So nice!!! I asked them if they were in a contest. One of the girl said they were running for the CSU Chico. When the light turned to green, they started running and one of them even turned back and wished me luck (:

However, I realized I biked in the same way with them. So when I stopped at the corner to ask about another direction. While the guy was answering me, that group of girls also came up and said loudly from another side of road (for the walkers) Go that way! That way! They even made signs in case I couldn't hear them!!! Oh my goshh, hah hah It was so awkward but so fun and so touched also (=
They made my day (=

Then I met a bus driver. He was super nice. He took my bike up (which I tried for thousands time and couldn't do even once =( Sadly but yes). Then he said:

- Ni hao! (I hope I wrote right :D )
- *Smiled* No, I'm not Chinese!
- Konichiwa!
- *Smiled hard* No, I'm not Japanese either!
- So where are you from? I know multiple languages!
- I'm Vietnamese (:
- Chào cô!
- *WOW*

His accent was so good! He even knew how to said hello in Vietnamese for Mr., Ms. (which is what he said to me), and for younger girl also. And that was amazing!!!

Then I came to the mall, spending 3 hours go all of the stores =D
YESSSS FINALLY I COULD BUY SOMETHING FOR MYSELFFF!!! And that 's so freaking awesomieee!!!

One of the shirt I bought. I didn't buy the dress though :(
Forever 21 as usual (:

My feet were sooo hurt and my arms were shaking but after all, so fun! (:

3. DIY: 
I made this yesterday till I was almost done, I realized that I actually just need to buy a pair of stocks!!! Well, anyway~

Inspired by Ralph Lauren Blue Label Jeans.

4. Old joke, again~

If you still have an interest in it~
That customer sent me another email (again!):
DON'T CLICK TO THE  LINK! (Even though I don't know what it is, just making sure though!)
why are you keep silent
oh why are you keeping silent there you don't even e-mail me again when i have paid for your item and i don't know what is still pending you in shipping out the item for me..i think you wanna scam me kindly get back to me and let me know what is delaying you ok cos the money for the item has been deducted from my account. and i contact pay pal customer care about this and they told me that they have e-mail you the confirmation of the money sent for the item into your account,i think you should go and check the e-mail you gave to me cos i know you will see the conformation from them kindly get back to me  with the tracking number as soon as you got back from the post office cos am worried i want you to make sure  that this deal is secure between me and you so kindly get the item shipped out for me now because i don't want to be scammed here cos i got a mail from pay pal customer care that they have notified you about the money for the item so go and check your e-mail box of the account you gave to me i know you will see the confirmation from them ...i will be waiting to reed back from you now..i hope am doing a nice and secure deal with you here.,. 

So he gave me a chance to start my voice:

Ok, here is the thing: I already told you that the earliest time I could send you the item is on Saturday but you didn't care and kept asking me to send you right on the time I had so many works to do. You told me to do this and that while I know what I'm doing. So these things pissed me off.
By the way, actually I read the email from your Paypal and found so many errors unclear and ridiculous information so I checked with the real Paypal (You know what I mean?) and yeah, they said, but hey, you know what they said anyway. They also said they are tracking your e-mail address and your Paypal, and if you kept sending me e-mail, you would have troubles with Paypal, law, police and jail. But you would get trouble anyway since Paypal said they are working on your Paypal to verify you right now.
I didn't email you back because I didn't want to give you trouble (as you did to me) by keeping sending me email back. So be smart (even though you wrote a lot of ridiculous error in your Paypal and your emails, I still hope you are) and do the right thing. Also check and fix your mistakes in your other emails, it 's one of the right things you should do. Now.
I hope I'm doing a nice and secured deal with you here...
(I rewrote and fixed your mistake, by the way! You 're welcome!)

It actually didn't look that long though :-O

Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT 4 - day weekend (AWESOME!!!), my friends (:


  1. im waiting for my package from my gf!
    i hope it comes tomorrow =/

  2. I do hope so, too! Woo, but you know what, the more you re waiting, the happier you will be. Hope it cheer you somehow =D

  3. Oh, I found it on WeHeartIt. Great picture (Y).