Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bunny night.

Here is a quick short story about our dinner tonight. My hosts were given 2 rabbits, so they cooked them tonight and invited us to have dinner with them.

End of the story.

LMAO Okay, I'm just kidding! Cause I was asked to take pictures of the progress since we don't usually have rabbit, so I took a lot of the pictures. And because I have way too much pictures and I don't want to put all of the same pictures in one album, that's why I'm making this note.

Even though I don't know if there will be someone read this note, I still want to say that there will be a lot of uncooked rabbit ( This note is about a progress of making rabbit, okayy?!!!)


Here are the pictures:

I actually asked him if the rabbit was a boy or girl. If it was a girl, then too bad. If it was a boy, then it would even worse!!!

Tomomi opened those beers for them. Love the way she was doing it.

While waiting for him cutting those rabbits, let have some of these yummy things. They were great with mint <3

I told you~

The dogs already got sleepy (:

Because he used the smaller knife than what he should use, it was hard for him to break the spin. However I took at the second when he put the knife down, hard, and loud!

The sauce was truly amazing. Sour, sweet and spicy from jalapeno. Yummy!

Cindy was making those breads.

The food was amazingly perfect. It was soft and tough enough to bite. The flavor was just added to make it even better.

And good food makes you happy. As always (:

Cái này là vừa sau lúc uống rượu xong này hahahah Mặt đỏ như gấc nên phải che che lại hahah

And that's all!
Thanks for looking all of the pictures here, if you do :P

Bye bye!


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