Thursday, September 2, 2010

People have their own stories that will make them be who unique they are. Even though how boring they think it is.

The thing I want to say here, firstly, that you can skip everything I said till the big part below.

Just try to notice that I had a HorribleAwfulTerrible day.

That's it!


I had sociology class today and it was awesome. The instructor is totally inspiring and understanding. She listened to our opinions. She gave us the good discussion and show us how to answer it. And more than great, the students are motivative and LET OTHERS MOTIVATIVE, TOO! You know what I mean. They gave the opinions, short and clear ones so that others can have time to talk, too. It was just great.

And I thought it would be the same with my other class, too since it was my favorite subject: Photography. However, it was just the same - as its same. It is what we call "opposite" to my first class. It bored the shit out of me. So far, I totally fail to be in love with the class and people. The class has 23 and we have to be pair up so now I'm wishing to be the 23rd more than ever.

Then let me tell more about my after sociology class really quick!
- I broke my headphones. It was broken before actually, but I glued it and it worked just fine. Now it was totally broken that I couldn't even use. How horrible it is to not listen to music??? Supersupersuper horrible.
- Things just didn't go as the way it should.
- The weather was so fucking hot today. And you know when it is hot, everything can be horrible.
- We went to farmer market and the shops that we really want to get in weren't there today. They have been there all the time till I decided to take a shot with my friend, and Puff! None was opened!
- Bank was closed.
- The bus I was going suddenly out of service and he just kicked me out (not literally) and I had to be at the bus stop which was far away from where I wanted to be!

 I was saying to myself :"How nice world! What else? Just bring it on!"

But just get back to the paster of the past. Few days ago I received a fortune cookie which said I would receive a unexpected gift. At that time I told my friend that I had gotten this before and I just threw it away. Then when I was in the bus, I thought to myself, might be that unexpected gift was this, this fucking life where everything just went so wrong. When you think things would go the way they are planned, there will be something happens and fucks it up.

So when I was out of the bus unexpectedly, I thought, "Fine, yeah, just bring it on!" 

However, the real story started since here.

When I got out of the bus, I saw those 2 guys sitting at the bench, and they looked so not normal. One of them had short hair, and the other, like a cool, pretty male model with green eyes, high nose, and long beautiful hair. But honestly, they looked dirty and unfriendly. I felt uncomfortable, of course, especially sitting next to 2 men wasn't my comfort zone, but since I was so not in good mood, I didn't really care who they were. I asked the short - haired guy if I could sit down next to them. 

Now while I'm sitting here, writing these down, I also am trying to remember how we started the conversation. Mostly I was the one who said we had to wait for the next 30 minutes (And thought "What can I do with these people in 30 minutes? Awkward sitting???"). Oh now I remember, the guy sat next to me asked me if I was in my college and I said yes. And so on, the conversation started since here. We have talked a lot and about everything. I, for some reasons, slowly but easily, like friends who long time no see try to remind each others' old stories, got to know them.

The guy who was next to me was the older brother. He was friendly, extrovert, and funny. The other boy was opposite. Even though he looked much much older than me, he was just a sophomore of a high school. He was quiet. Really quiet. And shy. I was surprised cause we realized the older brother and I have the same ages. However he was a manager of a store that I couldn't say the name here. He told me that he wanted to go to college but since he became a manager, he just couldn't do it.

Why did he have to get a full time job at this age?

Few months ago, his father was fired so he had to be a main part of the family of 5 people. I was stunned. Of course I read those articles about those families like this but this was unexpected real life! We then shared thoughts about our countries' differences, commons, favorite food, restaurants... His brother was so quiet. At first, when I asked him, he didn't even want to answer me, his brother had to do that. Then later, he said really softly that I couldn't hear so again, his brother had to translate it to me.

But you know, when someone from really stranger to you, bit by bit, then finally talk to you, you know how great it is. The younger brother started to join in our conversation. Not much but he did tell me what he thought, corrected his brother and suddenly smiled tenderly at our jokes.

We talked much and 30 suddenly pasted by. We got to the bus, kept talking. Three of us

When the older brother saw me ready to get off the bus, he said softly my college name (which was where I had to stop.) 
The bus stopped. We shook hands, wished others' lucks, said goodbye, and "We might used this bus stop to see you, and talk to you again."The older brother said.

You know what, guys? I do hope so.


  1. wow u certainly do learn a lot from strangers

  2. I love your blog!

    Have a nice time!