Thursday, October 7, 2010

Silent and Listen.

Because I'm a honest girl, I will just tell my true thought: Oh wow, I didn't know silent and listen have the same letters! Damn! What a discover!

Anyway, so here is what I really want to post on my Sociology's instructor's Facebook (Oh yes, really, I have several Facebook of my instructors - So nerd! But really, they don't really care about what I write anyway hahah)
Hi Ms.___, I just found a great example for predictability (we are studying about McDonaldization - anybody knows this?). It's about the weather man and us. We always look for the forecast even though we blame it just right after that. Our bake sale was delayed because it was supposed to rain today. However the weather turned out to be one of the most gorgeous day I have ever known! Anyway, the bake sale will be back on sunshine Monday cause the weather man say so.

So yeah, today was gorgeous: Warm sunshine and little cold wind. My friend and I was done with classes at 12:20pm and I biked her to the Round Table for our first time there (Seriously!) The food was not too bad for the price and we were really full with any-choice salad bar, small BBQ Chicken pizza, and 6 pieces of buffalo wings. We put everything we saw on our salad dish cause we just loved everything they had there: Mac&Cheese, Potatoes salad, grape, strawberries,... and 2 sauces. So yeah, basically and really, everything. The salad dish then became a huge yet yummy mess.

Then both of us burst the same honest truth:
- I really don't want to go to the mall!
- Oh yeah, me neither!!!

So then we were clueless with nothing to do. My friend wanted to study cause she brought everything with her. Me: Nah! But then I didn't want to go home to early because it is a gorgeous day, don't you see it???

So then I got a genius idea that  we should go to see the social network!!!

We calculated the time so that I wouldn't come home to late since I had to bike to home and suddenly everything seemed like fitting perfectly to each other!!! Don't you just love that?!!!

The movie, here is some spoil here so watch out, was amazing!!! 

I mean, you shouldn't get too much spoil, don't you think so?

I'm actually like a nerd cause I just search everything I know about Facebook. Interesting things.

After finishing the movie, we said bye to each other and I was on my way to the bus stop, where I always always had to wait for like an hour, which then turned out that it wasn't what I used to go. However, magical, the bus just came right at the time I was there!!! Score!

I got in the bus, and there was no front row where passengers sat face up to each others (which is my favorite seat) so I had to sit on the normal seat ( which is in the same direction with the driver) I used to not really care about the drive way since I just didn't really care! What I usually did was listening to the song - a same song - and looking at pictures on my iPod Touch.
However, today was different. I got in a different bus and I didn't have a feeling to look at those pictures. My music was changed to play once according to my friend who had used it while I had been sleeping in the bus. Besides, my seat was really comfy and high enough for me to lie down but still be able to look at the road. So I was looking at the road for the whole longer-than-half-an-hour time!

I haven't taken this bus before. I haven't gone through those places before.

The comfy seat remind me of those flights back and forth, of the 3 hours from Chico to Sacramento, and the 3 hours from New Orleans to Baton Rouge (LA). I'm a traveler. No home.

Thoughts and thoughts went along with music just came to my mind that I didn't deny, no need to deny.

I just think it will be great if you can step out from what you always do, be silent and look around. There are plenty of amazing things that you don't know. I'm sure there are. Do it and experience what you see and think, and tell me if you want to. I'd love to hear.

My last year in Chico, I'm gonna get wasted happily. 

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