Saturday, January 2, 2010

A really first post of new year (:

Actually this new year eve was quite different from the other year to me. I didn't have any special feeling about it. Just like day by day. I guess it was because of the ugly messes around me these days.

I did think that I would end my new year eve in the nightmare of myself but thank God, sis Nhu called me and took me to the Kwando restaurant. The restaurant didn't have so many food but enough to break your belly.

So this was my first dish. Everything was not special but good (:

Take another look:

And when you are eating out with me, you have to get used to the fact that I love taking food 's pictures hah hah

Here was my friend 's food. She is a vegetarian so her food was full of green (:

Vegetarian is cool, I admit. I like eating vegetarian, too but having to due with the fact that I have to say good- bye with meat, pork and chicken... threatened me. I am not that brave to do that heh heh XD

This soup was good. I love to put those things in it (: Yeah yeah sooo good (:

My second dish so far:

The sea weed is the only thing new. It was crunchy, kinda spicy and had the smell of sesame. Yumm~

I like to eat my favorite food at last. So this was the third and the last one (:

Awww, already look yummay (:

I love to eat spicy and sour food so these were great. I always always love to have squid and chicken in my dish. Rice is something has to have (:

Sis Nhu kept asking me why I didn't have some vegetable. So I took some heh heh (:
I love vegetable, by the way (:

The rib was totally bright. red!!! It did make my eyes dizzy. Not really good, actually. It was hard and dry.

I hope you like this picture (: When I look at it, I just want to come back to Kwando (:

Oh yeah, and finally but one of my favorite favorite part of Chinese restaurant....

Yup!!! Fortune cookie (:

I always enjoy the feeling of curiosity when I break the cookie and take the paper out. How fun!!!

Sis Nhu told me a story about the guy put his wedding ring in the cookie and gave to his girlfriend. Awww how cute <333 Then we got to her house. Wait for awhile and took her sister to go to the casino, bowling and ended up at Denny's at 11pm. The food in Denny's was good, actually.
I dipped it in BBQ sauce (:

But this WAS delicious!!!

It had a lot of cheese and the cheese was sticky. Sooo goood (:

But the cake wasn't that good. It was too sweet, at least for us.

When sis Nhu was calling to her friend, I yelled HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! so there was a man on the corner said Yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! which made all of the guests in Denny's said so, too. How fun!

The waiters and waitresses there were really nice also (:

Yeah yeah yeah fun fun fun (:


  1. woah the dishes look great!! its making me really hungry. Anyways i am your new follower lol hope you dont mind me commenting

  2. Ohhh nooo, you arent my follower! You re my friend (: so of course I don't mind (: I was happy actually when I saw I had one more friend in my friend list ;)

    Thank ya! Hope you having fun reading my blog :D

    Btw, the dished does make me hungry, too hah hah (: