Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gochujang Tteokbokki and Flan <3

|The receipt was requested from my friend for a long time :P|

Note: This receipt is NOT a real Korean Gochujang Tteokbokki. I just simplified it :P

Inspired by Sue. She is amazing cook. All of my Korean food was learned from her :)

Besides, you can find a lot of "How to cook" on Youtube. There is also a good Korean cook on it and I believe you will find her easily.

For someone may don't know about the Gochujang and the Tteokbokki. Here are some advices:

Although I have just tried this branch only but I pretty much believe they are good to buy :)

At the first time, I just bought a small bottle of Bibimbap Gochujang and a small bag of Gochujang Tteokbokki (which means they were already mixed).
The next time, I decided to make the sauce by myself so I bought the left Gochujang box and I used it within 3 weeks.
And now, as you already saw, I bought the biggest box they have there hah hah

I am sure this is the best. I have tried the cheaper one and they were broken when I put them out of the fringe. Really not good.

I forgot to take the picture of it on the kitchen table so well, here is the Tteokbokki, also my part of the fringe.

Korean spoon and chopsticks!!! Yay!!! I haven't tried them yet. Still, they are for next time~

Seriously, I love Korean spoon! It is quite big and kinda circle that make the food more delicious (at least, to me!)

Ok, let start on my receipt :)

1. Ingredients for 2 meal:
- Sauce: 2 table spoons of Gochujang sauce + 2 table spoons of sugar + 1/4 cup of water (It said to use just 1/3 but I like it in this way, besides, it 's easier to measure it anyway :D )

My eyes already feel spicy hah hah

- A few of Tteokbokki (fewer than mine is better! Believe me, you don't want to hurt your mouth (as I always did))

You need to put the Tteokbokki on the warm water for awhile before cooking them. Or your Tteokbokki will be so hard to be soft when you add them at last. Or they might be broken also.

- Vegetable: Carrot, Cabbage, Onion, Green Onion.

I always forgot the Green Onion~

- Shrimp.

(Yes, Kim Hyun Joong used Octopus for his reciept hah hah)

2. Cooking
- Put a little oil on the pot.
- Add Onion first. Stir it.

- Add Cabbage, Carrot then stir them.

- Add the sauce. Stir it.

- Add the shirmp, stir for a little.
- Add the Tteokbokki, stir it.
- When you see the Tteokbokkie becomes soft and the sauce is kind of thick, put some of the Green Onion at last. Stir for a little.

Then you 've done :)

The Green Onion will give the food some green and better taste but well, I forgot~

Besides, people also use Sesame Seed. I think it will be better with Sesame Seed :)

Gochujang Tteokbokki tastes awesome!!! Spicy and sweet at the same time. I just can't put the spoon down. The Tteokbokki also is soft and taught. It reminds me of Mozzarella Cheese, kinda the same though hah hah

Have fun then :)

I also made some flans for my neighborhood because they treated me so nice and i just want to say thank :)

I pretty much believe these flans are my the best flans I have ever made :) Yayyy!!!

They are so soft and smooth ♥

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