Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Blind Side The Movie.

One of my favorite and never - feel - bored movie.

I have to admit, this trailer is also one of my favorite trailers. After it, I immediately fallen in love with the movie. His sorrow face, their scripts, and the song just work so great together. You probably will know a whole story by just watching the trailer, but you will also know, you want to watch the movie. Because you know, the movie is going to be touching, great and amazing!


As I already said, after you watched the trailer, you will get the whole story, so I don't need to talk about the plot anymore.

Certainly, people agree that Sandra Bullock had chosen a great character in a great movie. Her Leigh Anne Tuohy is my most favorite character among all of other woman images. She is strong but weak, strict but sweet. She is understanding and has a sympathy to everyone around her. And no one can deny that she is also hot and sexy! :)

People always talk about Leigh Anne Tuohy and yes, she is the greatest woman I have ever known but I believe, she couldn't be like that without her husband, Sean Tuohy 's support. He is kind, understanding and easy to his wife.
Inviting a strange black boy to the house, giving him a room, letting him become a part of the family, buying him an insurance and a new truck, inviting a private tutor for him... So many things she have thought and done and some of them she even did without discussing with her husband first!
While watching those parts, I was pretty much worried about their marriage but greatly, the bad thing didn't happen. So pretty much, she should be thankful to have him to be her husband. And really, that is just a greatly happy family!

One of the thing I like about this movie is everyone is recognized to be a part of making Michael 's success: Tuohys' family (include the children), himself, Miss Sue and the other teachers (If I could, I would like to count Mr. Stupid in the other football team, too :P )

Besides Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron had done a great job, too! He acted like he is Michael Oher, from a sad, stupid, and quiet person; he lightly started to smile, to be happy, to be funny and to be himself.
Audience accidentally feel glad and lighter when seeing Michael is changing and being changed by Mrs. Tuohy.
They smiled when he found his favorite T-shirts, a start to find himself; when he started to take care of his study, when he got better and better in his grades.
And they smiled, when he started to smile. A really light but happy smile.

One of my favorite parts :)

And the last but not least is the script. The script is short but powerful. They can make you smile but also give you a hard choke.

The movie is so touching and amazing but you will feel them even more when you know it is based on a true story. A true story about love, family, trust and protect.

And I have to say, after all, this is a must see movie and must buy Disc.

A child by birth was born from the mother 's uterus. And an adopted child was born from the mother 's heart.

Pictures' source: Rotten

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