Thursday, March 17, 2011


1. "Beautiful."
Recently, as I get deeper to English, I find myself consider again some words' meanings, for example is the word "beautiful."

When I studied English in Vietnam, "beautiful" was a word to identify the feminine beauty. In short, when you see an attractive girl, you call her beautiful, not pretty, not cute, not lovely, but beautiful; so I used to use "beautiful" very frequently.

But now I take a look back. "Beautiful" is not average as "pretty" or "cute" or "lovely" but it's also not extraordinary as "extraordinary" or "gorgeous." "Beautiful" is somewhat purely innocent and naive and beautiful.

"Beautiful" indeed beautifully can touch your soul or take your tears.

I found a link here and took a moment to look over it. But then when I started, it took away my attention. I bursted to tears. It is beautiful.

I posted the link on my Facebook and somewhat know that no one will care about it. It is really sad.

2. Coincidence. 
I believe in fate and "things happen for a reason." It is why whenever I get upset, my friends will accidentally post Canon in D on their Facebooks. It chills me down whenever I listen to Canon in D but listening accidentally from someone who has no idea about my sadness just saves my day. Couldn't it mean nothing when it happens three times already?

Get back to the link, I did go to Starbucks to study yesterday and for the first time I read my father's story for my essay about him. I was afraid that if I read it, I would cry, because I did. (How embarrassed to cry in Starbucks!) and then today I saw the link above and I just couldn't hold my tears.

I love my family so much. They are my pride. I wish they could hear it because I wouldn't say it to them.

So see, life is so wonderful that way.

Goodbye for now.

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