Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everything is Illuminated.

I have to say at first though, because I'm an honest person, I promised to a guy that I will go to a gallery show of his gallery today but I didn't go. I know that you won't read my blog and pretty much don't even remember me but I'm terribly sorry. It rained the whole day today and my room was just so warm. Besides, probably the show went so well and too many people came and you wish not to have one more person. Okay, that sounds odd so I just stop right here but you know what I mean.

So today I watched Everything is Illuminated. I was so happy when I watched the trailer because I realized that it played How It Ends of DeVotchKa. The first time I listened How It Ends, I couldn't stop reminding myself that I have heard this song somewhere but couldn't remember where exactly.

The movie is beautiful, like you can cut any scene in the movie and it still can be a beautiful photograph. So I tried really hard to limit those pictures as much as I can.

My favorite part. They are just so cute together:

 Look at her beautiful blue eyes:

And this film has to be my inspiration. Some of the really great scenes I love:

 Love her suit.

 This is beautiful picture. Like seriously I would fave it if it was in Flickr.

Another beautiful photograph:

Love these old pictures:

Look at her headband!

And I love his journal.

 I secretly ok not really a secret anymore since I blog here but I love to make myself a journal like it with full of scratches, film, notes, and dried flowers.

Everything is Illuminated.

I have always admired great authors/ philosophers who can put their thoughts and feeling into word. Everything is Illuminated. I believe so.

I asked this question yesterday, Have you ever thought why you were born?

Sometimes when I'm so free, I will just lie on the floor, look up on the celling and ask myself Why were I born? Then suddenly all of strange feelings start to be provoked. I feel strange like myself is a different person. I see from the bottom of trees, streets, and houses. When I get back to reality, it's like I wake myself up from a strange dream.

It begins at a coincidence but then it becomes something that I was trained to feel so. Nonetheless, I feel exactly the same thing when I do it. It's feel like I'm an UFO looking into the Earth.

Get back to the sentence. I believe we were born for a reason. We were born to do something. And if you don't try to find the answer - your own answer - then you just waste your whole life for no reason.

Everything is illuminated.
Like watching the movie and find out where I listened How It Ends at the really first time.

Either that you make a question or you find it or someone gives you one, sooner or later, if you try to find it, you will find it. Like a puzzle is made to question people and to get answered by the people.

Lista: In case someone should come searching one day.
Alex: So they would have something to find.
Lista: No, it does not exist for you. You exist for it. You have come because it exists.

Things are asked to be answered.

Goodnight for now.

The pictures are taken by me from the movie.


  1. Lovely post, I really want to see that movie x Sushi

  2. You really should! It's such a wonderful movie. And thanks <3