Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I found today.

I have to post it now before I deep myself into a bunch of tabs I have in my Safari.

1. They Reappear.
One of my favorite photographers, Annette Perhsson, just got a contract with Jeremy Larson for his new album They Reappear. The album is so beautiful as it has to be. The songs as I have listened so far are quite nice! I mean, I'm thinking about buying one right now. You should, too!

Photos from Annette Pehrsson blog.

Beautiful absolutely beautiful.

You should also take a look at Jeremy Larson's blog or listen to his album.

2. Young spirit.

I love it when people gather around, laugh, and have fun. It's young spirit you know? And you spirit needs to be recognized.

Wouldn't be nice if you can spread it out?


4. James Jean.
As you don't know but should know for now, I love James Jean's artworks a lot. Like a lot lot lot. And he is having a gallery exhibition right now and I didn't know it before. Couldn't you believe that? If I knew it, I would just go to LA for the spring break.

Also, he is selling his Lotus War Silk Scarf for donation in Japan. The scarf is 100% silk. Limit in 100 pieces.

Photos from James Jean's website

You can buy it here. It's like not only you donate for Japan earthquake but also get a master piece from James Jean for yourself. Isn't it awesome? ISN'T IT AWESOME??? YEAH, SORRY FOR YELLING IN YOUR HEAD BUT I JUST WANT TO CRY RIGHT NOW!!!

5. For last:
I watched Rango today.


It was not a bad movie at all. It was just really boring at first but then worth watching for the last 1/3 of the movie later. Come on, it has Johnny Depp! Just think about it and stick your butt on the seat, you will understand why!

Okay, so goodbye for now (:

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