Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stay calm.



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Whenever bad things happen, I always try to indulge myself in some way. Today I couldn't though, since I was too frustrated, but tomorrow after school, I'm gonna go to T-bar, drink my favorite Strawberry Almond Frost (Trust me, it's the best of the best!) and chill out with friends.

There will be a fund raising for Japan earthquake from 5pm so it's a win-win.

Another way to relieve your depression is listing all the things you love to do. So now I'm gonna make one for myself. Even though I have made some for couple of times, it's still fun to do it again.

1. I love Coke. This is not so difficult to say. I have an addiction to Coke and the brand itself, besides my mother and friends don't want me to drink Coke because it's unhealthy, so I feel fresh right after I drink it ❤ (Like I just break some sort of serious rule haha)

2. I love Starbucks for the same reason. It doesn't give me the feeling of freshness but it makes me happy and loving.

3. I love listening to music. Any kind of good music. It's so hard to find someone who has the same taste as mine, indeed for my whole life, I just know one person. But when I find one, I can take hours to talk about it.

Do you love  Arcade Fire, Freelance Whales, Massive Attack, Iron And Wine, Bright Eyes, Damien Rice, Mumford And Son, Florence And The Machine, The Ting Ting, Lykke Li, Adele, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Coldplay...? (OMG I cannot stop talking about this!)

If so, let's talk.

4. I love eating. Who doesn't? Eating makes me happy as it is the only one thing tell me that I'm alive. I love all of the food (Spicy spicy) and love to try new ones. I love ice-cream. Chocolate ice-cream is the king. Even though I have found the ice-cream from Safeway's really good, the one from Dreyer's is still in charge.

Do you what is the best way to eat ice-cream? Take a huge spoon from a big box, hold it in your mouth, and then chew it. Love it ❤ Gotta get some tomorrow... or today? Hahah ;)

Also check out Cheetos Flamin' Hot Limón Cruncy ❤

5. I love reading blogs. Lots of them inspire me and I love that kind of enlightenment.

6. I love being covered by my cozy soft blanket in this kind of weather ❤ Sweetness.

7. Sleep is also a happy thing. A long warm straight sleep would be sweet.

8. Candles = ❤. I'm addicted to Cranberry Mandarin right now. Cannot get out of it ❤

9. Draw. Sometimes. When I have drawing homework from my class, I usually get late as long as possible (as I always do to others, too) then when the whole world fall asleep, I would take my pad, turn on my music, and draw. It's my joy.

Working with charcoal also makes me happy.

10. I love anything related to Photography. Others' good artworks. Or I bring my camera and wander around taking pictures.
That would be nice.

I feel good now. It's a very peaceful feeling. I hope if you do, you would feel so, too.

So off to bed. Goodnight for now ❤

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