Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I like to, secretly, enjoy human beauty.

"You see, I've always wanted to be a painter, and like many artists before me, the female form has always been a great source of fascination. I've always been in awe of the power they posses." 
Ben Willis from Cashback.

1. Beauty from her smile.
Last Sunday when I was in Target looking at clothes, suddenly I looked up and saw a long curly haired girl in military jacket looking at me. She then timidly smiled and looked away. That scene stunned me for a second. The way she  rapidly took her look back then shyly turned away with a smile like that was just so sweet. We caught each others' eyes for a few times then I found myself couldn't stop looking at her so I left to give her back the freedom.

2. Beauty from her thought.
In one of my classes, there is a woman in 25 of age. Her look is gentle and calming. She rarely speaks but when she does, it's like she is singing. Her words are beautifully chosen and clearly stated. When she doesn't say anything, she will look blankly at something in the air with her calming look as she deeps in her thought or she looses it somewhere. That calmness separates her from other people and make me unable to stop looking at her.

Interesting enough, in my art class, we have a new model who looks just like her. The model has the same curly but darker hair, and same shape of mouth, as well as that look when she's modeling.

When a man showed her the work he drew of her, she bursted a smile and it was so happy and satisfied that made the old man smiled, too, as if she was his muse.

I had a thought to ask my model if she had a sister but then in stead, I said, You're beautiful.
Sometimes it's fun to have some mysteries.

3. Beauty from his artwork.
It's crazy sometimes to like someone because of their artworks but I know it happens. He, who prefer to isolate himself from other classmates, is such an amazing artist in all mean. His artwork is so aggressive with curves and color. I mean, I hate how every time when I wow at someone's artwork, it's always from him.

Okay, you know it, I just can't hate him.

4. The beauty he killed.
One of my male models had an angel-looking. He was a beautiful shy guy with blond short hair, straight high nose, rosy cheek, and blue eyes. His face would blush easily when you joked. When I drew him, I tried to look for his ugliness but I couldn't. It seemed like his face was too perfect to be real.

However, he killed it.

You can laugh but he gets a 3 inch mohawk.


  1. this is beautiful! found you through Flickr :)

  2. Aww that's so sweet of you! Thank you <3