Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remain the memory.

Do you have a song - or a few songs that remind you of someone or something? I bet.

And do you have any song that is just too strong for you to handle. In another way, I mean, you're afraid of that song? Find it and tell me.

In my case, I found two:

Yesterday, I let my friend borrow my iPod and she listened to this one song and when I saw the name, I was kind of smile at that time. However this morning when I clicked the play button on my headphone, the song played and Geesuz, my feeling bursted into tears.

Graduation - Vitamin C.

I still remember I listened to this songs hundreds of times, thousands may be, in the year of 2009. And whenever I started to listen to it, I'm just not able to turn it off.

Guess what, I'm literally scared at this song. I still remember also in the year of 2009 (What kind of year is that?), when I was in Texas, my school was closed because of H1N1, so I had to stay in the house for 1 week not going anywhere, and the only one thing could get the shit out of me was this song.

I had listen to it from the morning of a day till the night, and repeated that for 7 days straight. I'm scared to listen to it again somehow is because it reminds me the feeling of obsession.

Lucky - Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

Trust me, I had to turn off my volume before I post those songs here.

However, also today, to help myself out of the obsession with Graduation. I listened to this song and you know you love it, too:

Like A Star - Corinne Bailey Rae.

This song is like dream!

* In a high key note, while I was blending myself negatively in Graduation and walking to the bus stop, there was one person who helped me to get out of that mood - The guy with 5 inch shorts running on the street.

Okay, now I'm off to study <3


  1. ohhhh mann I remember when that graduation song came out.. that was so long ago! x

    p.s. I'm having 2 giveaways on my blog right now for shirts from SOL & studded denim shorts from Runway Dreamz if you'd like to check it out. xx

  2. Cute post! Haha I remember that first song was so popular when I was in high school x Sushi

  3. @devorelebeaumonstre.: But it never grows old!!!! And thankss I entered!!! So excited X]

    @ Sushi: Thank you! (:

    love your blog

  5. Nice. Reminds me, the other day I remembered that song "Steal my Sunshine" by Len. Looooved that song.

    strawberry freckleface

  6. Haha I haven't listened to that song before so thanks for sharing! It's such a cute song!