Thursday, April 14, 2011

I believe in Miracle.

The beginning hasn't started, the thought of an end was already brought to mind.

The beginning hasn't started, the thought of an end was already brought to mind.

This week has been rather hard on me, started from Monday. But once again, as life is beautiful and amazing as always, it brings me some miracles each day so that I can share to you now.

1. Monday: The stranger.
I went to the cafeteria after a harsh conversation and my heart felt like something has pressed it down. As soon as I sat down on the chair, I saw an old dirty big strange guy sitting in front of me. I felt a bit awkward but immediately he looked up at me and asked surprisedly about the book I was holding in my hands, What is that huge book you are holding? - I bursted a smile, It is for my English 4. Then I looked at his face, still saw the amazement in it, I smiled bigger, It is The Introduction to Literature! - It should be really difficult for an international student like you! His face still didn't change. It was, but I get used to it, I smiled.

Then he paused for a moment and then asked, So where are you from? - I smiled, expected him to be more amazed, I'm from Vietnam.

And he was. He said, for the very last, I wish you and your country to be happy. And at that time, it was my turn to be lost in amazement and amusement. Who is that guy?, I thought. I said, Thank you and have a good day! And he, while standing and about to leave, said back in turn: Thanks a lot. And you, too! I have to be honest, he said quite a lot but then I forgot. I think though, because, at that time I was lost and spent time looking at him the way he looked at me before.

Just a very short time after that, my friend came, and I still found myself amazedly looking toward where he had sat. When she touched on my back and said hi, I was like waking up from a dream and just realized he had vanished.

That stranger.

2. Tuesday: Canon in D.
I told you before, I, fortunately, have some fate with Canon in D and this is just a reminder so you can get what I mean later, whenever I get sad - very very sad - one of my friends will post Canon in D on their facebook and tag me. They don't know about my situation and what they have done are just coincidences. And so even more, it will certainly brighten up my day. It didn't happened once, it has happened quite a few times before. For example, last Tuesday:

Unless you are still amazed, let's listen to this ver. of Canon in D, and who knows if you are one of those who luckily gets a fate in Canon in D (:

Coincidence is also fate, don't you think?

3. Wednesday.
Recently, Monday and Wednesday were my hateful days since I had some struggle with my instructor. He didn't like my idea and of course, neither did I. I didn't have the joy to go to class anymore.

Not just that, the weather was so bad yesterday while I was just wearing a slight cardigan.

And I didn't get the message from my friend, which actually bothered me a lot since it was our habit already.

All these little things like these can make mood easily go down. I felt depressed and as if my decision was a stupid wrong decision. And I had too many things to write down, so obviously, every thought I had, I wrote them down while listening to this song:

My thought started as questions. Many questions. Is it right? I is what supposed to be? Is it what supposed to feel? Am I right? Am I wrong? What should I do? What should I not do?

And then when I had no question left, I wrote down what I felt, from what I hated turned to what I loved.

And finally, it was full of love.

The questions haven't get the right answers yet, but the feeling was for sure. So I decided to go what my heart says in the control of my head.

When I finished that, I decided to send a message to my friend then went to class and started talking again with my instructor. Then when I got to the bus, around 5:40pm, I got a message explaining why my friend couldn't message me and it calmed myself down.

Putting my headphones on, I walked down on the street.
The weather was very nice on that evening.