Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soften your souls.

4. Thursday (Cont.):

It doesn't matter how good I am. What matter is how bad she can be.

I don't mind how people think about me. But I care a lot of those whom are my friends. At once time, I needed someone I could talk to.

Nonetheless, when you are looking for someone to talk, you find yourself alone dealing with the trouble.

When that day happens, don't do such a thing, save yourself some trouble, and just take a nap.

And when you start to think that you're all alone in this world, friends jump in and make your day. My friend sent me these sweet songs:

Please go and see the MV. Like now. lol It's more beautiful and meaningful when watching the MV.

For the conclusion, my friends are sweetnesses on Earth, right? (:

2. Soften your soul.
Recently, I'm digging in instrument music. Word is not necessary sometimes.

Also, in this weekend I drew this picture as my self-portrait assignment:

while listening to this as my motivation - not my inspiration - as someone asked me about this in my class but I just said, Yes [It's my inspiration.]

Also I listen to this again this morning. It brightens up my day for sure.

That's it for now! I hope you all have a good day.
Now I'm getting back to my study.
Oh don't you know that I'm in class right now? lol

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