Thursday, April 21, 2011

Break up the boredom.

Sometimes a part of my day will go like this: Something suddenly happens and I get dead bored. Yes, I'm bored, tired, and bored (once again to emphasize my boredom.) I want to leave everything here and go to San Francisco, which I will in September, but I can't wait anymore. I want to go. Now. I'm that bored. So I deactivated my Facebook, which sounds unrelated but it is in someway.

So it seems like I will spam this blog a lot in the near future, which is lovely.

Anyway, for today, I asked my instructor to go home early, took a bad sleep (I had a horrifying nightmare), got a drink and talked about life with my roomie (sounds like a joke, doesn't it?), then ate snacks, strawberry piece of cake, did half of my essay, discussed about the universe again, finished my essay, and found this funny cute little boy Trevor Michael here.

Yes, so sum up, I just want to show you these cutest video ever. He makes my day literally.

LOOK AT HIM! LOOK AT HIS STYLE! Sweetness on Earth! The glasses, the t-shirt, the random bracelets just go so well together. It makes me wonder who decided his clothes on that day.

He made Friday of Rebecca Black better than ever. I seriously has to rethink about getting the song for my iPod and what scary is I am not even kidding you!

Way too cute. His dance made me lol and I was like, Was I bored?

Anyway, you should check him out. I already subscribe him and he deserves more followers for whatever amount of followers he has.

Recently, I'm digging myself in instrument music. The lyrics/words/sayings bores the shit out of me already. Sometimes, no word gives you trust than any other word you hear.

Talking about lie, in some standard, either very high or low in percentage but still, everyone can recognize a lie, simply because everyone lies.

So don't think that I don't know you lie. I don't say it out either because I like you or I don't care.

PS: I lied in here, did you spot it?
Like me or you don't care?

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