Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Day Without Facebook.

I don't need to make it long, Facebook is dominating us.

Most of the time I get online is to check on my Facebook. If not Facebook on my mac, then Facebook on my iPod, or even Facebook on my BB. How maniac!

However, the thing is nowadays, Facebook can become a very depressing place where you think that there is one way in but no way out. I neither am a scientist nor have a scientific data to go deep in this matter, but think about it. If you agree, keep reading!

So I have thought about deactivating my Facebook.
It may sound overwhelming, but it's not.
It sounds not overwhelming, it actually is.

So what can happen if you deactivate your Facebook for 1 day?

1. The feeling.
As always, you will get the feeling of accomplishing something, the feeling that you are strong enough to quit an addiction. Most of us, if I don't want to say all, there is always a reason to deactivate Facebook. Think about how you will not have to confront by that depression/person/dehumanization/procrastination anymore. Think about how others still get stuck in it but you don't. Think about the wonderful rest of the day you will have.

Take a moment and enjoy that feeling. 
Amazing, isn't it? 

2. In the morning.
I usually wake up 30 mins earlier than I have to just to see what happens on others' Facebook and my Facebook (besides checking on the news). Then I will refresh the page again, and again, and again, and again.
So see, if you are like me, too, when you don't have Facebook, there is nothing to check and you will have your whole time free. What can you do with it?

If you're an internal person, listen to a song and relax while enjoying the early morning with sunshine and fresh air.

If you're an external person, exercise! Stand up and make a move! You have 30 minutes and it's a lot!

If you're limbo, then stand up, listen to this song, and dance! Yeah, I'm not kidding! I did that and had so much fun! Especially someone said in front of my window, "I cannot believe that I hear that song." I hope that she intended to say it to me, because if not, that's pretty sad.

And if you don't want to do anything at all, then sleep! 5 minutes more to sleep is already treasure, now what! You have 30 mins!!!

Because a good morning will make your day.

3. During a day.
Take this precious time to concentrate to your study. There is no distraction better than Facebook, and when you get rid of it, you kill your best enemy!
Go to library (Yes y'all, I'm Asian!), enjoy the quietness; or Starbucks with a Caramel Frap, and study.

Do something healthy for your own self.

4. Friends.
When you don't check Facebook, you don't know what your friends and friends doing. So now you can come to them and say "How're you doing?" with the closest meaning of it. Make a conversation! Invite them to a party night whatsoever.

On the day when I deactivated my Facebook, my friends and I decided to go to see a gallery show, shopping at Winco (Trust me, it is so much fun to do it with your friends because you will end up jumping on the shopping cart and, yeah, you know what can happen.), and finally we decided to have a pizza party at my friend's house in the weekend - aka: yesterday.

Instead of chatting on Facebook, just do something with your friends!

5. In the evening.
The time you are most free and now you don't have Facebook to check so you start to scream

You can do whatever you want to do. Chat in person with your family/roomies/friends? Have dinner together? Hanging out? Listen to music? Drawing? Writing a fiction? Watch a movie?

You decide.

6. At the end of the day.
If you finally come to this step, congratulation! You should be proud of yourself!

Suddenly, there is a message on your phone, it says: "What happened to your Facebook? I miss talking to you on Facebook!"
And you feel the sweetness of care. What should you do now?

Once again, you decide (:

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